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Direct Energy: Keene Has the Power

Out of the dozens of companies to arise out of the deregulation of the Texas energy market, one of the most flexible might be Direct Energy. Keene customers can benefit from several aspects of Direct Energy’s services. To find out what options are available in your area, choose your city from the list, or read on for additional information regarding the different services that are available.

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With Direct Energy, Keene residents have options

Direct Energy realizes that not every customer who’s looking for energy services is going to have the same background, circumstances, preferences and financial situation. Thus, there are many different energy plans offered by Direct Energy. By choosing the one that fits your specific needs and circumstances, you can make sure you’re benefitting from the best possible Direct Energy rates. Keene residents, here is a sampling of some of its plan types.

  • Fixed-rate plans — Fixed-rate plans are available for a set term, usually 12 months though some plans can be shorter or longer. The supply rate – the rate per kilowatt hour of energy used – is fixed, meaning it won't change for the entire length of the contract. These types of plans are favored by people who want to know what to expect from their bills from month to month.
  • E plans —The "E" refers to electronic, meaning that bills and correspondence with the customer will be sent electronically instead of a paper-based piece of mail. By choosing this option, you can feel good about reducing paper waste and you’ll also receive a small discount on your energy per kilowatt hour.
  • Renewable energy plans — For customers who are interested in having a positive impact on the environment by getting away from traditional dirty-burning energy sources such as coal or oil, this type of plan allows customers to purchase energy from a renewable and pollution-free source. Energy supplied through this kind of plan is generated locally in Texas, so not only are you helping the environment, but you’re also helping the local economy.
  • Variable-rate plans — Variable-rate plans mean the rate you pay per kilowatt of electricity can change each month, depending on the market. If prices on the energy market go down, you may pay a lower rate. However, the opposite it also true; if market prices go up, your supply rate will also most likely go up. This type of plan is best for people who want to take advantage of the lows but don't mind the highs.
  • Prepaid plans — This type of plan from Direct Energy and other providers represents a new option for customers who are interesting in pay-as-you-go energy services. It helps customers who may not have a credit history or those who have had past credit difficulties. With a prepaid plan, there is no deposit required, no credit check and no early cancellation fee if you decide that you’d like to go elsewhere.

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With Direct Energy, Keene residents have a plan for whatever their situation may be. However, since there are so many options available in Texas’ deregulated energy market, it’s more important than ever to shop around to ensure that you’re getting the best possible prices for your electricity.