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Smart Shoppers Come First: Energy in Rosebud, Texas

There are few things more refreshing then an open window in your Rosebud home with the sweet Texas breeze blowing in. That wind has more to do with you than you think – Texas actually leads the country in wind production.

In West Texas there is a new type of farm, one without crops – wind farms. Think of just a lot of open land, where high-tech turbines have taken over for old-fashioned wooden windmills. Even though more and more people in Rosebud are going for green energy plans, Texas wind power can’t meet all those demands. One of the main problems is there is no way to store wind power – not in a battery or any other form. The other problem you should know for yourself, having lived through many hot summers in Rosebud -- they’re so hot because the wind dies down during the summer months.

Want to find out more about going green? First Choice Power is one of many Texas retail electricity providers who may have a plan for you.

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First Energy Rosebud Texas: Smart Meters

If you ever lost a baseball in the neighbor’s yard, you might have noticed an electric meter on the side of the house while you combed the bushes for your lost ball. Those meters would take readings on the energy usage for your home once a month.

Twelve times a year doesn’t sound very often, because it’s not. The introduction of new smart meters in Rosebud will take readings every 15 minutes. Now you’ll get precise and thorough readings electronically, letting you know just how much energy you’re using, and when you are using it. First Energy Rosebud smart meters not only are convenient, but can give you a peek into your daily energy usage, allowing you to better plan for the future.

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First Choice Power in Rosebud, TX Meter Benefits

The smart meters have three specific groups that benefit from your new smart meter.

Obviously, your family will be the first ones to benefit from the detailed readings. Think of them like a nightly news report, letting you know how your day went. You can get the readings either from online or an in-home energy monitor.

If your retail electricity provider is First Choice Power, Rosebud residents such as yourself will also receive the energy information. That can help your REP to get to know your usage more intimately, allowing them to have a better gauge at which features and services would suit your needs best.

Your transmission and distribution service provider, also called TDSP, also benefits from your high-tech meter. They can use the readings to detect outages more efficiently – which in turn lets them really step it up in terms of delivering electricity to your home.

It’s hard to imagine someone getting excited waiting for their bills to arrive, and with First Choice Power, energy customers in Rosebud, won’t have to wait on their bills to see how much electricity is being used. You can even pay in advance with First Choice Power in Rosebud!

How to Get a Smart Meter from First Choice Power in Rosebud

Over one million smart meters have been installed in Rosebud and all round Texas. By the end of 2014, there should be six million smart meters around Texas. You may already be scheduled to receive a smart meter in your Rosebud, Texas business or home.

If you aren’t sure which TDSP services your area, check your next energy bill.