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TXU Energy: Killeen

Thanks to retail electricity providers like TXU Energy, Killeen is just one of the great cities who may be able to take advantage of the competitive electricity market. TXU Energy rates are only available in deregulated markets, so your best bet is to call TXU Energy to see if residents in Killeen have the power to choose their energy providers.

TXU Energy rates: Killeen

When you find the energy to start researching your local energy suppliers, looking into TXU Energy rates Killeen is a good place to start. TXU Energy Killeen might be the right fit for you, depending on what you are looking for in terms of electricity packages, customer service and renewable energy. Check to learn more about TXU Energy in Killeen area neighborhoods and towns.

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DIY projects

If you take a closer look around your Killeen house, you can find a bunch of DIY projects. Not the usual projects that usually make the honey-do list, but projects that are sweet nonetheless. Thanks to TXU Energy, Killeen residents have a good place to start.

Beginner Level

Daylight your home – if you have dogs, you’ve most likely spotted them sunning themselves by the windows as the Killeen sun pours in. The concern is that sunlight warming up your home brings unwanted heat, making your AC work overtime. Installing energy-efficient windows and skylights are key in minimizing the transmission of heat.

Upgrade to energy-saving lighting– upgrade your lighting. Energy-efficient light bulbs are a small step in making a big difference.

Intermediate Level

Seal and insulate your doors and windows – when you leave the house to pick up the kids, to go to work or even to go into the backyard you are letting air in and out of your Killeen home. Draft dodgers for example are air blockers, and a quick fix, that you can lean against your doors during windy days. Door sweeps are a long-term and permanent solution to reduce air infiltration.

Install a programmable thermostat – your teenagers are fickle enough when it comes to the food they eat, clothes they wear and who they date. When they complain it’s too hot or too cold in their room, where is the first place they head? To mess with the thermostat. By installing a heating and AC thermostat, telephone-controlled thermostat or plug-in thermostat you can better regulate your indoor temps and possibly save energy.

Seal your ducts, outlets and AC covers– poorly-insulated ducts or non-insulated ducts could lose you 30% of the energy used to cool and heat your home. Take back those percentage points by sealing your ducts with mastic sealant or metal tape. Consider plugging hole covers to block leaks from electrical outlets too.

Expert Level

Insulate your water heater – how often do you heat water in Killeen? For showers, laundry, baths even making tea. Take the first step by wrapping your water heater, and then insulate all the connecting pipes. Continue by checking all your shower heads and pipes to make sure the flow isn’t too strong and that you aren’t wasting water – which would be wasting hot water.

Tune up your HVAC system -- Killeen summers are brutal. The heating and cooling used throughout Texas summers and winters makes up a big chunk of your yearly budget. One of the best things you can do is simply call a contractor near your home in Killeen to check your HVAC system. It can be dangerous and if your tune up goes awry, it could end up costing you in the long run which is why relying on a professional is a safe bet.

All of these projects are ways to get lower rates. To find out more about TXU Energy rates in Killeen, start researching today.

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