Giving Old Appliances New Life with Recycling

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Appliances and technology use an average of 15-20 percent of a household’s total energy consumption. As these appliances begin to age and lose their efficiency, that level of consumption can increase drastically. When homeowners see their electricity bills rising, they often decide to dispose of these appliances and switch to new energy-efficient models. While this change is healthier for pocketbooks and the environment, there is concern over what to do with the out-of-date items.

The problem with storage and landfills

When finished with older models of appliances and electronics, most people send them off to storage or the landfill. But both of these are flawed destinations. Over time, electronics and appliances will rust and begin to break down. Rusting causes toxic chemicals to be leaked into the soil, ozone and, if stored in an attic or basement, your home. Outdoor chemical infections can contaminate water sources and the air necessary for plants and animals to survive.

Repurposing: a better solution

A better alternative to sending these old electronics and appliances to storage or trash piles is to give them new life through repurposing. Many obsolete electronics can be given new responsibilities throughout the home:

  • Old televisions and desktop monitors can be hooked up to laptops for increased screen size.
  • Refrigerators can become outdoor freezer chests.
  • Inoperable blenders can be transformed into tabletop lamps.
  • Coffee pots can be fishbowls or flower vases.

Local recycling programs

In addition to at-home repurposing projects, many appliance and electronics can be recycled. Most states have centers that will pick up and recycle these items in order to prevent damage to the environment. Some will even offer cash incentives to anyone willing to recycle their items rather than send them to the landfill.

Many major appliance centers also run recycling programs to help reduce waste. By collecting unwanted cell phones, refrigerators and other items, these stores often offer discounts or other incentives to customers who purchase new appliances and recycle their outdated ones.