What is the ENERGY STAR program?

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Energy Star has helped Americans live more sustainably for more than two decades. The Environmental Protection Agency created this program as part of the Clean Air Act. Energy Star certifies appliances, fixtures and buildings that consume less power and cut emissions. You can reduce your environmental impact by purchasing household items with Energy Star labels.


Shoppers and homebuyers make a huge difference when they ignore deceptive hype and choose certified products. In late 2012, the EPA estimated that Energy Star products had helped companies and homeowners save nearly $240 billion. These remarkable fuel and electricity savings have accumulated over 20 years.


Although its goals remain the same, the Energy Star program underwent two substantial changes in recent years. In 2012, it implemented strict new standards for Energy Star homes. Three years later, the EPA added a “most efficient” designation for machines with exceptionally low power consumption.


When most people hear Energy Star, they think of major appliances such as restaurant-grade ovens. However, the program also tests and approves electronics, building materials, cooling devices, lights and many other items. These goods range from vending machines to tablets. Additionally, the program has certified over 435,000 residential buildings in Texas alone.


Many organizations offer efficiency incentives that promote Energy Star products. Certain cities, state agencies, electricity suppliers and gas companies award rebates for efficiency efforts and the installation of certified equipment. For example, the city of San Marcos, TX, provides this incentive to locals who have received free energy audits.


Texans can also save money by purchasing Energy Star items during a sales tax holiday. Every year, the state waives taxes on certified goods for three days. This policy applies to most major appliances, ceiling fans, dehumidifiers, light bulbs and air conditioners.


To see what qualifies as an Energy Star item, you can visit the program’s certified product directory for a list of approved units in various categories. You can also use the website’s store locator to search for retailers that carry Energy Star goods.