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Green Energy

You don’t have to be Bigfoot to leave questionable footprints. Everyone leaves them – a carbon footprint that is.

A carbon footprint is basically how much greenhouse gas you emit in the world each day. Whenever you drive your car, fly on a business trip or even turn on a light in your home, you are adding to your footprint.

For one thing these gasses give us poor air quality, but it’s not too late to do something about it.

You can ease up on the effect your carbon footprint has by getting green energy with one of the renewable energy companies in Texas.

Green Energy vs. Brown Energy

When it comes to your energy, it can either be brown or green. Although both colors can be found in nature, one hurts Mother Nature while the other helps.

Brown basically means that those energy resources are polluting the environment. It can also mean that the energy is coming from burning fossil fuels, like oil and coal, which cannot be replenished naturally as fast as they are consumed.

But brown energy is not the lone option in the Lone Star state.

Now there’s also green energy, which takes some of the weight off of Mother Nature’s shoulders. green energy is derived from plentiful resources, also known as renewable resources, which don’t have the same replenishment issues that fossil fuels do.

Renewable resources are environmentally friendly and include the sun, wind, water and geothermal energy.

By opting to use renewable energy companies, wind energy companies or solar energy companies, you are reducing the negative impact that energy has on the environment.

Green energy typically costs more to produce than brown energy; however the effects are nowhere near as damaging. Instead, you are paying for generating clean, and honest renewable energy that has low carbon emissions.

Types of Green Energy

Renewable electric generation devices are being installed by homeowners and businesses all over Texas. That means that electricity is being provided through the use of things like solar panels and wind turbines.

When researching green energy, be on the lookout for DRG, Distributed Renewable Generation, which describes equipment that generates electricity using a renewable resource.

Incentives for Businesses

One piece of the puzzle that is important to keep in mind is the possibility of a business energy tax credit.

Because Green energy is better for the environment, but not as inexpensive as brown energy, the Federal Government offers tax incentives for business energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Even better? There’s even a property tax exemption for businesses that install systems like solar, wind or geothermal energy.

It’s smart to go ahead and check with your local providers to see which ones have energy efficiency programs and to talk to an expert in the field that can guide you in the right direction, so you don’t walk off a cliff.