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With U.S. headquarters right here in Texas, Just Energy in Killeen might be an eligible retail electric provider for your home in Killeen. Because your state has a deregulated electricity market, as a consumer, you have the benefit of shopping around for an electricity plan that’s right for your home.

Because your electricity will continue to come from your same utility, even if you choose a new provider, you won’t have any disruption in your service. Additionally, if you were to ever experience a power outage, your utility would be the company you call to have the problem fixed.

Know your rates and options for electricity plans

The first step to picking a compatible energy plan is knowing the difference between a stable-rate supply plan and a variable-rate supply plan. Many retail electric providers in Texas offer both.

A variable-rate supply plan may be an attractive and affordable option. These plans typically offer low introductory rates. However, as the name implies, the supply rate can vary month to month, due to factors in the electricity market. When the market rate for electricity is low, your rate can be low too. But when the market rate rises, your supply rate may go up too.

Stable-rate plans, on the other hand, offer a more secure option. Stable-rate plans have a set rate per kWh that offer price protection throughout the length of your contract. Normal fluctuations in the electricity market won’t affect for your supply rate. The company’s RateShield 60, for example, is a 5-year stable-rate plan and the longest stable-rate plan you’ll find in Texas.

For consumers looking for a shorter commitment, the supplier also offers 12-month stable-rate plans that keep your rate per kWh steady for the length of your yearlong contract.

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Green options for customers of Just Energy in Texas

Many energy consumers want to do their part to make their home and habits greener. Texas residents have the option of subscribing to a JustGreen Power plan. This addition allows the company to purchase renewable energy credits on your behalf of up to 100% of the power you use. That portion of your energy consumption will then come from a renewable resource, most likely one of the many wind farms across the state, and be added to the Texas electricity grid.

If you want to do more to make your home in Killeen greener, Just Energy in Texas has a partnership with EFI (Energy Federation Inc.), a distributor of energy-efficient residential products. As a customer, you can save 30% on products for your home, including fluorescent lighting, faucets, shower heads, heaters, power strips and ceiling fans.

Increasing the number of energy-efficient appliances in your home can help reduce your electricity consumption, as well as the amount of money you spend each month on your energy and water bills.