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Tara Energy: Odessa Texas Electricity Plans

Residential electricity consumers can choose from several different stable-rate supply plans and secure that new rate for a term of 12 or 24 months. It's easy to start new service or switch your existing service with one phone call. Your electricity is still delivered over the same wires and the same Odessa utility upon which you've always relied. Call EnergyProvidersTexas.com today to compare providers or choose a city from the list below to explore your local area.

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Power Max 12

12 Month
$ 0.08

per kWh


3-Year Electrical Service (High Credit)

36 Month
$ 0.106

per kWh


1-year Electrical Service

12 Month
$ 0.106

per kWh


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Residential customers can have the ease and convenience of managing their electric accounts online through My Tara. Also available online is the opportunity to Refer a Friend. Customers who get two friends to sign up for a Tara Energy electricity supply plan using a unique referral code can get a SmartStat at no charge.

Business plans from Tara Energy in Odessa

Commercial electricity consumers can explore business energy options offered by Tara Energy. Texas businesses such as hotels, convenience stores and restaurants have relied on its commercial supply plans for more than 10 years. Commercial customers can get competitive pricing on customized supply plans plus a dedicated account manager who understands the needs of their particular businesses.

Going green with Tara Energy in Odessa

Residential and business customers alike can choose a Tara Energy green supply plan and help support renewable energy. Texas is one of the leading producers of electricity from wind power – a renewable resource that is better for the air and the environment than coal or natural gas. By choosing a 100% green supply plan, you're helping support green energy, such as wind power. Your energy consumption is offset 100% by renewable energy investments. It's beneficial for the environment and Texans. It's especially good at building goodwill for businesses. By going green, customers know a business supports a cleaner energy future.

Texas advanced metering

Tara Energy customers with smart meters have the ability to more closely monitor their electricity consumption. New smart meters record electricity usage in 15-minute intervals as opposed to the standard meters that were only read once a month. With more frequent usage recordings, it's easier to see when your home or business is using the most energy and thus, it's easier to know how to save energy.

Smart meters make switching retail electricity providers, starting or stopping service much simpler, too. To start, stop or switch, you just need the meter number. The meters can also be read remotely, eliminating the need for a service technician to be onsite to get a monthly reading. Smart meters can also alert the utility of a power outage, which helps to get the issue resolved sooner. For electricity customers with a smart thermostat, a smart meter may be able to integrate with the thermostat for greater efficiency overall.