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Save Energy: How to Save Energy

Learn Ways to Save Energy, and Money

Taking a few small steps now will make the difference when you get your electricity bill. You just have to start somewhere. Here’s how you can save energy.

How to get a Lower Electric Bill

When it comes to energy tips, these are what we call the basics. Turning off the lights when you leave the room, using energy-saving light bulbs and keeping an eye on the AC.

The basics are a good place to start, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to lowering your electric bill.

Let’s start with the rooms you use the most.


  • To save energy, reduce the amount of time that the oven is on, nuke food in the microwave before cooking. Or, take it outside in the Texas sunshine and fire up the outdoor grill instead of the stove.
  • Nothing is worse than realizing you left the refrigerator door open a smidge – not only do you have to toss out that chicken salad, but you’ll be tossing needless dollars to your electric bill. Keep an eye on the door and the coils to make sure it’s properly sealed.

Living Room

  • When those Texas summers roll around, everyone knows time spent staying cool is time well spent. More money is spent keeping the AC pumping than anything else, but a svelte 78 degrees F should be enough to keep you cool, while not heating up your bill.
  • You can’t feel the air from the fan when you aren’t in the room. Hit the off switch before you walk out.
  • Summer is synonymous with sunshine. However letting solar heat in through that big bay window in the front of the house is a sneaky way to heat up your house. Save energy by drawing the curtains and use the blinds so you aren’t blindsided by the searing Texas sun.

Laundry Room

  • You can feel the humid, moist air on your skin just thinking about walking into a hot laundry room. Save time and electricity by checking out a high-efficiency washer and dryer.
  • Get higher energy efficiency by eliminating the drying process all together by air-drying clothes when it’s possible – and don’t forget to clean out the lint filter after every load.


  • Every time you heat water for a shower or to wash your face you are using energy to heat it. Remember, heating water is the second-largest expense that residents in Texas have.
  • When you’re in a just-woken-up daze brushing your teeth, snap out of your slumber stupor and shut off the water while you brush those pearly whites.


We have chargers for iPads, iPods, iPhones – you name it. They spend hours, idle, just waiting for the few hours every week we use them. Unplug the chargers when you aren’t using them to save energy. The same goes for lamps and TVs, energy efficiency means being smart about how you use your energy consuming products.